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R.W. Bro. George Schamott

       R.W. Bro. George H. Schamott
           District Deputy Grand Master
        Bruce District

 Midway Report

Dear Brethren:

     I would like to take this opportunity to touch base with the Brethren of Bruce District at the mid-point of our Masonic Year.  The first half of the year, in my estimation, has been one of success.  So far this year, Bruce District has Initiated 10 new Enterred Apprentices, with the possibility of more on the horizon in the 2nd half.  There has also been an abundance of work performed in other Degrees throughout the District as well.  One of the most gratifying aspects regarding all the Degree Work performed has been the interaction between the Lodges.  Brethren are being invited to other Lodges to deliver parts in the various Degrees.  This practice promotes and strengthens a Bond of Friendship between not only the breithren performing the work but between the Lodges as well.

       The Official Visits have been well attended for the most part, which is not much of a surprise when you speak of Bruce District!  As the DDGM, I cannot express how thankful I am for this kind of support.  On the topic of District Support, I must take this opportunity to thank the Grand Stewards who have shown tremendous support for the District as well.

        We held a successful Mid Term District Meeting on Wed. Jan. 24, 2018.  It was a relatively well attended affair and generated some good discussion.

      Finally, I would just like to say, that by now all Lodges should have their Installing Masters in place giving them sufficient time in putting together their Installation Teams.  Do not leave this task to the last minute as it creates a great deal of uncertainty and confusion.  Remember Brethren, poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency for others.  I look forward to sitting in Lodge with you all once again and bring home this Masonic Year in true Bruce District fashion!


R.W. Bro. George H. Schamott,

District Deputy Grand Master of Bruce District  


District Deputy Grand Master Visitations 2017/18

Thurs. Mar. 8, 2017, Aldworth Lodge No. 235, Paisley,
Meets at Saugeen Shores Masonic Centre, 8:00 p.m.
Tues. Mar. 20, 2017, Clifford Lodge No. 315, Clifford,
Meets in Harriston, 7:30 p.m.
Mon. Mar. 26, 2017, Hanover Lodge No. 432, Hanover, 7:30 p.m.
Tues. Apr. 3, 2017, Cedar Lodge No. 396, Wiarton, 7:30 p.m.
Mon. Apr. 18, 2017, Moravian Lodge No. 431, Cargill
Meets in Walkerton, 8:00 p.m.
Thurs. Apr. 19, 2017, Port Elgin Lodge No. 429,
Saugeen Shores Masonic Centre, 7:30 p.m.

*Visit to DDGM's Mother Lodge


DDGM- R.W. Bro. George H. Schamott's Itinerary

February08 to July 19,2018

Date:  Place:  Event:

Feb 20  Drayton - Four District Meeting in Drayton – 7:30 pm

Feb 26  Hanover – Hanover EA Degree Regular Meeting – 7:30 pm

Mar 02  Waterloo - Waterloo District Grand Masters Dinner & Reception

Mar 03  Harriston - Harriston Pancake Breakfast – 8::30 am

Mar 08  Saugeen Shores - Aldworth DDGM Official Visit  –8:00 pm

Mar 20  Harriston - Clifford DDGM Official Visit  –7:30 pm

Mar 26  Hanover - DDGM Official Visit  – 7:30 pm

Apr 03  Wiarton - Cedar DDGM Official Visit  – 7:30 pm

Apr 16  Walkerton - Moravian DDGM Official Visit  – 8:00 pm

Apr 19  Saugeen Shores - Port Elgin Final DDGM Official Visit 125th Anniversary – 7:30 pm

May 04  Hamilton - Waterloo District Grand Masters Dinner & Reception

May 06  Tara - District Divine Service; Tara United Church; 10;30am

May 09  Walkerton - Saugeen  Installation – 7:30 pm

May 17  Saugeen Shores - Port Elgin Installation – 7:30 pm

May 24  Hanover - Forest Installation – 7:30 pm

May 28  Hanover - Hanover Installation – 7:30 pm

May 30  Saugeen Shores Masonic Centre - District & Masters and Wardens  Mtg – 7:30 pm

Jun 05 Wiarton – Cedar Installation – 7:30 pm

Jun 11 Hepworth - Maple Leaf Installation – 7:30 pm

Jun 12 Hepworth - Burns Installation – 7:30 pm

Jun 14 Saugeen Shores – Aldworth Installation – 8:00 pm

Jun 19 Harriston - Clifford Installation – 7:30 pm

Jun 20 Saugeen Shores - St. Lawrence Installation – 7:30 pm

Jun 22 Walkerton - Moravian Installation – 8:00 pm

Jun 26 Harriston - Harriston Installation – 7:30 pm



V.W. Bro. Owen Parsons

Owen Parsons1 

 Grand Steward 2017/18 - Aldworth Lodge No. 235


V.W. Bro. Robert Crossley

Bob Crossley Sept 2017 2

     Grand Steward 2017/18 - Burns Lodge No. 436


V.W. Bro. Brock Shannon

Grand Steward 2017/18 - Clifford Lodge No. 315

 Brock Shannon Investiture




Brock Shannon Investiture2

R.W. Bro. George H. Schamott, DDGM Bruce District

V.W. Bro. Brock Shannon, Grand Steward


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